What is a Latex mattress?

What is a Latex mattress?

http://sleepjunkie.online is one of the great sites on the internet where you will get to know every detail about the mattresses. Today we will learn what is Latex Mattress?

The latex mattress is a great mattress. Much used at the beginning of the 2000s, now for characteristics, it is slightly exceeded by the Memory.

There is always a mattress sought by the market because it is:

•    Elastic and resistant to breakage.

•    Hygienic.

•    Hypoallergenic.

•    Dimensionally.

•    Ecological.

•    Natural.

It comes from a plant from tropical areas, mainly in central and southern America. Latex is a sap that is collected like milk in a bowl. The plant from which the Lattice is born is engraved in such a way that small canals form on the bark. Each plant produces an average of 3/4 kg per year of “latex sap”.

Through a manufacturing process, it is transformed into a finished product. The transformation process (coagulation, foaming, and vulcanization) produces sheets for mattresses and pillows. Thanks to its natural chemical characteristics, latex can be lengthened without losing its intrinsic elasticity.

All this explanation is to make you understand that its molecular composition allows it to be used for mattresses and cushions appropriately. It allows the spine to maintain perfect linearity being a material that easily adapts to body shapes.

Latex mattresses and latex pillows are the natural property of the hypoallergenic raw material. Dust and mites are not deposited inside it, the main proponents of increasingly frequent allergies.

Latex plates are also called “latex blocks”. The processing with various internal forms (drilling, internal cuts, density, height, and etc.) gives various types of response to the firmness of the mattress. In practice, the internal shapes give more or less elasticity to the solid wood.

In conclusion, to resume the initial thought of this article, we have two aspects that make the latex mattress a little less attractive from the market, compared to a decade ago.

They do not concern its characteristics but the evolutions of the others that the market has launched: Price and weight. The comparison should be made with the memory mattress. The latter has similar characteristics with significantly lower costs (the market always reacts immediately to the price argument) and significantly lighter weight (it becomes easier to redo a bed with a lighter mattress).

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