The various types of latex mattresses:

The various types of latex mattresses:

In 90 years of history, the production of the latex mattress has therefore undergone remarkable development, from the passage of the use of wooden molds and steam ovens to today’s metal molds and induction furnaces.

Despite all this, the product has essentially remained unchanged. It has increasingly differentiated not only by the production process but also by rigidity, thickness, and other characteristics. Today it is not difficult to find a latex mattress with differentiated zones on the market

These are obtained through a differentiated “drilling”, that is a different arrangement of the transpiration holes, combined with a different diameter of the same.

Based on the latex used:

In addition to this and to the natural subdivision of good quality latex mattresses and mediocre quality latex mattresses, there are three large groups of latex mattresses, depending on the type of compound used to make the internal slab. Based on this classification we will have:

Natural latex mattresses: the most valuable and expensive, they have a very high percentage of natural latex inside, with few additives, it is the most elastic type.

Synthetic latex mattress: less valuable, has nothing to envy of the natural latex mattress, except for the fact that the internal slab is completely synthetic and therefore more robust.

Hybrid or mixed latex mattresses: the most widespread and often the best quality-price compromise, composed of a part of synthetic latex and a part of natural latex; they are more resistant than natural latex mattresses and more elastic than a synthetic latex mattress.

These 3 types of latex mattresses are those currently on the market, although they are increasingly being supplanted by memory foam mattresses, due to the superior quality and lower price of these (we have already talked about this in another our article). Despite this, the latex mattress has remained a valid product for almost a century, capable of satisfying a large number of customers; especially for those looking for a product that adequately supports the body and gives a completely natural rest.

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