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The various types of latex mattresses:

The various types of latex mattresses:

In 90 years of history, the production of the latex mattress has therefore undergone remarkable development, from the passage of the use of wooden molds and steam ovens to today’s metal molds and induction furnaces.

Despite all this, the product has essentially remained unchanged. It has increasingly differentiated not only by the production process but also by rigidity, thickness, and other characteristics. Today it is not difficult to find a latex mattress with differentiated zones on the market

These are obtained through a differentiated “drilling”, that is a different arrangement of the transpiration holes, combined with a different diameter of the same.

Based on the latex used:

In addition to this and to the natural subdivision of good quality latex mattresses and mediocre quality latex mattresses, there are three large groups of latex mattresses, depending on the type of compound used to make the internal slab. Based on this classification we will have:

Natural latex mattresses: the most valuable and expensive, they have a very high percentage of natural latex inside, with few additives, it is the most elastic type.

Synthetic latex mattress: less valuable, has nothing to envy of the natural latex mattress, except for the fact that the internal slab is completely synthetic and therefore more robust.

Hybrid or mixed latex mattresses: the most widespread and often the best quality-price compromise, composed of a part of synthetic latex and a part of natural latex; they are more resistant than natural latex mattresses and more elastic than a synthetic latex mattress.

These 3 types of latex mattresses are those currently on the market, although they are increasingly being supplanted by memory foam mattresses, due to the superior quality and lower price of these (we have already talked about this in another our article). Despite this, the latex mattress has remained a valid product for almost a century, capable of satisfying a large number of customers; especially for those looking for a product that adequately supports the body and gives a completely natural rest.

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Are you thinking about your health while choosing a mattress?

Are you thinking about your health while choosing a mattress?

If you’re a back-pain sufferer, then you should choose a firm surface. It is the pillow-top mattress which is going to give you extra support and comfort during the sleeping hours. If the quality of your sleep is degraded, then you might face trouble with your health. The mattress industry has gained huge popularity with the different varieties of mattresses. When you’re looking for a new mattress, it is important to check the comfort or support level. If it doesn’t match with your requirement, then you’re not getting the right mattress option.

When finding out a new mattress model, it is important to consider certain factors. It is the mattress which will serve as a beneficial factor in getting good quality sleep. Without proper knowledge, you can’t go to the market and choose the most suitable option for you and your family. Are you looking for a pillow-top mattress? In such a case, you must know about the pros as well as cons associated with a pillow-top mattress. Check the firmness density in the mattress model.

Mattress selection demands some knowledge

Don’t miss to grab a detailed description of several mattress types and varieties. Are you lacking in the mattress selection process due to the lack of proper knowledge? In such a case, you must first carry some knowledge and then start shopping a new mattress model. Don’t just reach a decision in a hurry. The mattress selection process should be conducted with proper consideration as it happens once in a couple of years. So, it is important to leave no chance of wrong decision. Some health conditions demand a completely healthy lifestyle to cure quickly. Along with the medications, sleeping habits also help in getting rid of severe body pains.

Learn some shopping tips in advance

When going out in the market for buying a new mattress, it is important that you’re well-prepared with a complete bunch of knowledge in advance. If you’re not having adequate knowledge about different types of mattresses, then you would end up in huge confusion. This confusion could lead you to choose a wrong mattress which would ultimately result in bad quality sleep. Some shopping tips are also going to benefit in the mattress selection. Read the

What is a Latex mattress?

What is a Latex mattress? is one of the great sites on the internet where you will get to know every detail about the mattresses. Today we will learn what is Latex Mattress?

The latex mattress is a great mattress. Much used at the beginning of the 2000s, now for characteristics, it is slightly exceeded by the Memory.

There is always a mattress sought by the market because it is:

•    Elastic and resistant to breakage.

•    Hygienic.

•    Hypoallergenic.

•    Dimensionally.

•    Ecological.

•    Natural.

It comes from a plant from tropical areas, mainly in central and southern America. Latex is a sap that is collected like milk in a bowl. The plant from which the Lattice is born is engraved in such a way that small canals form on the bark. Each plant produces an average of 3/4 kg per year of “latex sap”.

Through a manufacturing process, it is transformed into a finished product. The transformation process (coagulation, foaming, and vulcanization) produces sheets for mattresses and pillows. Thanks to its natural chemical characteristics, latex can be lengthened without losing its intrinsic elasticity.

All this explanation is to make you understand that its molecular composition allows it to be used for mattresses and cushions appropriately. It allows the spine to maintain perfect linearity being a material that easily adapts to body shapes.

Latex mattresses and latex pillows are the natural property of the hypoallergenic raw material. Dust and mites are not deposited inside it, the main proponents of increasingly frequent allergies.

Latex plates are also called “latex blocks”. The processing with various internal forms (drilling, internal cuts, density, height, and etc.) gives various types of response to the firmness of the mattress. In practice, the internal shapes give more or less elasticity to the solid wood.

In conclusion, to resume the initial thought of this article, we have two aspects that make the latex mattress a little less attractive from the market, compared to a decade ago.

They do not concern its characteristics but the evolutions of the others that the market has launched: Price and weight. The comparison should be made with the memory mattress. The latter has similar characteristics with significantly lower costs (the market always reacts immediately to the price argument) and significantly lighter weight (it becomes easier to redo a bed with a lighter mattress).

Make every day better with best health fitness

Make every day better with best health fitness

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Not only is the snoring problem but there people that are having sleep deprivation. Such problem is also very serious health issue that people are facing all over the globe. The main reason behind such problem is the wrong mattress that you are using on the bed. Sleep deprivation is the problem in which one cannot sleep properly. It can have the cause of working overtime or can be due to the last day sleep that was not proper. There are people that are using sleeping pills to have their sleep to be comfortable. The pills can provide many side effects to the body. The health can have worse position..

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Buy bedding products from reliable site

Buy bedding products from reliable site

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